Crif Dog

I don’t really eat out that much, but I was on the internet today reading about hot dogs, and was interested in Crif Dogs for their deep-fried hot dog style. And then upon rereading some of the old blogs on this food party blog, I remembered that one of our favorite bloggers, Doan Buu, had mentioned preferring this place over another hot dog place that he reviewed.

Walking down St. Marks, I never really crave a hot dog, but today, Danny B and I were debating over what to eat for dinner. He was into eating some hummus, but then would not stop talking about hot dogs, and then I said, “Well I’d rather eat Hot Dogs than Hummus!” So we went to Crif Dogs!

We walked in on an early Friday evening, and the place was half empty, double dragon and donkey kong arcade games in the front, old skate videos playing on TV with little kids skating, cute trucker-hatted blond lady manning the counter with pigtail braids, dim lighting, and mainly yuppie couples having quiet little dinners. Danny B and I ordered; he got the “Spicy Redneck” (chili, cheese, jalapenos, coleslaw, hotdog is wrapped in bacon) with a plain dog, and I got the “Chihuahua” with jalapenos. (“chihuahua” has sour cream, avocado, hotdog is wrapped in bacon).

"chihuahua." I was really worried it wasn't going to be spicy, so I added jalapenos. Thank god.

"spicy redneck" and a plain dog; Danny B anticipated the toppings being overloaded enough to spread on another hotdog. He was right.

This was the "small" order of tater tots. They came out piping hot.

Is this picture upside down? I don't care.

The deep-fried aspect of this hot dog was awesome. Nice dry snap on the outside, juicy on the inside. Loved it. The toppings we got felt totally L.A. oki-dog/danger dog style, which are my favorite hot dogs anyway. Danny B and I enjoyed this place a lot, and all in all, this place gets two swift farts from us.

Oh! I forgot to mention there was this totally spooky phone booth in the restaurant that people kept going into and then disappearing. Later I found out it’s a speakeasy.

Anyway, I always think it’s a little weird to out of your way for a hot dog, and if you’re on St. Mark’s and crave a hot dog, this place does rule. If you’re in Greenpoint though, I hear the new 7-eleven that just opened up on Manhattan Ave serves a very good JUMBO DOG!! (Dana Strasser testifies requiring 4 hands and 20 napkins!!)

This is actually a cheeseburger, not a hot dog, but this sums it all up. (Apparently, it's also the awesome album art for a Greenpoint band named "Cheeseburger.")

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8 thoughts on “Crif Dog

  1. Hot dogs and tater tots! i hope you had lemonade with all that…..i can just taste the lemonade now…….,with lemons….,Hey, how about lemon popsicles?! With chunks of strawberries thrown in there…….!!! YaaaaaY!!

  2. Those tater tots remind me of a great snack I had the other day… tater tots with onion and cheddar cheese in those foil muffin tin liners, baked and melty. So good!

  3. nice im glad you liked it. i havent been to crif dogs in a while but i did go back to bark, the place that i said wasnt as good as crif dogs, and i must say the 2nd time around i had a really good meal. i got a chili cheese dog and everything seemed portioned perfectly and it was really tasty. i also had disco fries which were pretty awesome. i might have to do a follow up review to my original bark review.

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