Erika visits Joshua Tree

I recently took a vacation to Los Angeles, California to visit the one and only Alison O’Daniel. During my trip I visited many taco joints, danced at a Japanese piano bar with the Zunkley brothers, got naked with Korean ladies at a spa and got a sound bath at The Integratron in Joshua Tree. It was a wonderful trip and my experience at Joshua Tree was rounded out with a visit to Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, the only cool and “hip” restaurant/bar in Joshua Tree, or so I hear. And apparently, as their website boasts, the best honky tonk west of the Mississippi!

The vibe of this place was pretty chill country western meets family chain but nowhere near as cheesy as Friday’s or something. They have stuff hanging everywhere but it’s all got that metal-hesher-country feel to it so it works.

And the food is awesome!

Here are some shots of the restaurant:

The restaurant exterior. Seeing this car here was a good sign.

Pool room when you walk in. Nice.

The bar.

A cool area of the restaurant with bottles inside the walls.

The BBQ pit area in the back.

Some of the cool things on the walls.

So we were there on a Sunday evening and they have live music. We were served chips and salsa, which was rather incredible, while we waited for our food. I was surprised considering this place seems more like BBQ to me. Or rather, you’d be crazy NOT to get BBQ here. They did have some southwest tex-mex shit on the menu though.

We got two orders of ribs, a burger and the grilled chicken (mine, now that I am eating chicken again).

Here is Alison enjoying her burger.

Here is my half grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli. The mashed potatoes and gravy were INCREDIBLE!!!!! The chicken was juicy and shit, even the broccoli was amazing. It was lemony and buttery and SO GREEN and fresh you forgot about how much meat you’d been eating lately.

An overhead view of our feast.

So the food was really good. The ribs were pretty right on. They give you way too much food, but most restaurants do these days anyways. After we ate we enjoyed some live music and their awesome outdoor patio/sand-trap.

This is the stage. There was good sound too.

The girls enjoying beers in the outdoor patio area.

All in all, if you find yourself in Joshua Tree definitely hit up Pappy and Harriet’s. What a wonderful way to spend the evening. And, if it gets dark you can see all the stars in the universe from their front yard!

Lisa liked it too!

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9 thoughts on “Erika visits Joshua Tree

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  2. I made a Joshua Tree video when we stayed at the Joshua Tree Inn – in the same room where Gram Parsons overdosed! Creepy but fun. Then we went hiking were I had a terrible accident, and finally I recuperated with a Flying Burrito! Check out my wacky video:
    I love Food Party and everyone involved, thanks!

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